Update on the drawing, new colors added


Taking a break at the moment, here’s how far I’m right now. A few new colors have been added since the last update.

Look closely at the detail to make up what each piece is. The colors and their tones create each individual segment of the drawing. Imagine if you were to see a grid, each part is its own segment.

Try my best to work in each segment, but my mind is all over the place coloring left and right. All I can say is I get bored of the same color sometimes, not sure why I color all over. It just happens, helps me focus more not so much tension in one area. Can relax and move all around.

I feel like I have a short attention span but that makes no sense. I create art sitting or standing for countless hours. Art’s just something I actually care about, so that’s probably why I tend to attract towards art more than most things.

Take your time when observing and draw a picture out in your mind. The new colors might change your guess or maybe not.

It doesn’t look like a lot has been done, but it’s because a lot of the detail is very small at the moment. If you can zoom in you can observe it. All the patients will be worth it in the end. Not creating anxiety within my brain.

Can only imagine the final product, now I continue to draw and see what we come up with. This one is quite delicate and fragile at the moment when I say that. I mean it’s going by slowly but with a lot of attention.

Focusing the same amount of energy on each segment as the last. In the past few paragraphs, I said I move around often, I still use the same amount of energy. Just in a different segment.

With forced energy, something might be stumbled upon. Not taken care of correctly. Art is very delicate, in its weird ways. Then again not, it’s all about how you feel at the moment.


36 thoughts on “Update on the drawing, new colors added

  1. Oopsie. I wasn’t here for so long! 😯 I guess I’ve missed a lot! I’ll check all the posts later!

    And as usual 😊 your progress is going amazing!
    Have an artistic day! β›…

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    • Very creative Barry. πŸ™‚

      Unique the way your mind works, that’s what makes us original.

      Will need to add more colors. When using a different part of my imagination, I can vision something around what you’re seeing.


    • Thank you! πŸ™‚

      Happy you can relate as well. Great to meet a fellow artist. Good for you make art, keep doing so if it makes you happy.

      Very true.

      Thanks, need it. Hahaha. Appreciate the wishes. πŸ™‚

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    • Sometimes you just know things without knowing how you just do. That happens often.

      But I go of a refrence picture. Usually the colors are similar but often times I just do what I feel like doing.

      Everything is always different, my art is very abstract you can say. It’s hard to say what’s perfect or not. It’s all over the place, that’s what I love about it. Nothing is perfect, so art isn’t perfect either.

      People have all different favorites, it’s on your preference. We’re all different.

      So I guess the colors attract towards me hahah, they work the best in my mind/imagination.

      Hope you love the long answer. πŸ˜‰

      Have a great sunday. πŸ™‚

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