Finished Sketch. (Look for little details)

DSC_0935I had to sketch this out two times. In the past, I would have been anxious or angry you can say. That I would have to draw something two times. The reason why I had to draw this two times. Was that the first sketch was on thin paper. I had to transfer the sketch to a piece of paper with more thickness.

The size of the drawing doesn’t match any of the papers I have. All I have is huge paper. I had to cut a new piece of paper out and be careful to not damage anything.

I was taking my time and not rushing. Otherwise, I would mess something up. I could only imagine ripping and tearing the paper moments before the final cut of the paper. I need to invest in more paper. All different sizes. Buy thick paper and not thin paper.

The half I showed last time didn’t have as much detail. This half has a lot more detail. Look closely and try to imagine what this could be.

In the process of creating this, I stumbled in one section a few times, but other than that it was all good. The dexterity of the drawing is increasing. The more I challenge myself the easier it gets. I can continue to challenge myself and improve or just stay where I’m at. If I fail, then I fail. You have to fail to learn and improve. Or you’ll stay just where you’re.

Now I begin coloring.

I’m still deciding on the colors. Slowly applying colors here and there. Over time you figure out the flow of the drawing. The colors will eventually decide themselves.

All you have to do is have confidence in yourself and believe. Don’t doubt yourself or think negative thoughts.


23 thoughts on “Finished Sketch. (Look for little details)

  1. Very impressive. I keep trying to look for some sort of design, something to tie it all together. But instead I see so many beautiful details arranged in an abstract expression. Great work, Brandon.

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  2. I will say, with confidence, that this is part of a plant. as a first guess, I will guess that is a Rose branch, with at least one rose and some leaves. Usually roses have spikes, that I can’t see here, but there is the American Beauty that doesn’t. Of course, there are other flowers that I can see here, but I much more inclined to a Solitary Rose… πŸ™‚

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  3. Another drawing. Great! I love your site and always very much look forward to watching your incredible drawings develop with the use of colour. It’s so exciting! 😊

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    • I understand what you are saying. It’s layers of colors on top of each other.

      Yes and no. It’s a combination of both. Not trying to confuse you, sorry hahaha.

      It’s an original photo and I edit the photo and play with the colors and shapes.


    • Thank youuu! πŸ™‚

      Me too, hahah. The process is quite slow at the moment. It has been fun so far.

      I always remember your comment.

      I can feel the love and energy from your comment. πŸ™‚

      Much love.



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