18 Years Old (Portrait) High School


Most of the art I have posted has been recently created. Within this year or the last year. This drawing is from when I was a senior in high school.

I was either 18 or 17 I don’t exactly remember.

The assignment for this drawing was to use the same pattern over and over. Small little details put together to create a bigger picture. The pattern I decided to use was triangles.

For some weird reason, I struggle with realism. Most of my art contains unrealistic or impossible images. Things that are unimaginable.

I always tell people my art is “abstract.” I honestly have no idea what it is. I just make the art and whatever you think is all on you. I just follow what people label things as and say “abstract.” That’s the only word I can think of.

In class, we always had to draw realistic drawings and paintings. I would always break the rules and create my own art. I never wanted to create what the teacher was telling us to create.

I don’t know how to follow the rules. I’m always trying to find a way to change the rules. It’s easier for me to adventure on my own and learn. I rather fail, fail and then fail again. All you have to do is keep on going and never give up.

Art is a trial and error process. I don’t look at anything being “incorrect” more like it could be improved or enhanced.

Art is art, have fun with it. Don’t stress it.

Over the past few years, I have just been going at my own flow and creating my own style here and there.

50 thoughts on “18 Years Old (Portrait) High School

    • That’s the only way you’ll learn. Is to fail. If all you did was get everything “correct” the first time all the fun would be gone. Life would be simple and boring. We all need a challenge.

      Just remember to never give up.

      Fear is nothing but the imagination.

      Fear is just a thought so technically nothing is real but everything is just thoughts and energy.

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  1. Combine a minority athlete with a renasaince great. Say, Picasso. Jose Canseco. Hah! No, that’s been done. But michaelengo and candlestick? Montana’s greatest offensive weapon was the wind

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    • I just had to Google “Maori” I understand what you’re saying now.

      I’ve always wanted to draw or paint a portrait of someone with face paint or crazy looking war paint.

      That would be awesome, hahahha.


    • I always want to do the opposite or flip the rules completely around. I’m not a drone or robot. Creativity is within me, hahahahaha. 😀

      You are re creating them hahaha.

      Thank you, appreciate the comment.

      Can feel the positive energy. 🙂

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  2. This is so Creative! 😀 Drawing with one shape! Same even i never liked the school topics of art! They are sooo boring lol.
    Did the journey of drawing with shapes start here? 😀❤

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  3. It looks like this piece kind of got you on a trend: triangles. You still use triangles, mostly connected now and more abstract in shape, but that seems to be your primary. Curious to know if this reflects your belief in the 3 in 1?

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      • 3 in 1 means Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 3 offices operating as One Influence. Some say God. Some say Yahweh. This may not be your persuasion. Idk. It’s just that I find that those drawn (no pun intended in this case) to triangles have a spiritual connection to Source.

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      • I think I’ve heard that before.

        Thanks for the information.

        That wasn’t the intention but maybe I created it this way on accident and everything aligned hahaha.

        There is always a depper meaning for the viewer.


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  5. El arte es así, no se puede racionalizar, es expresión de lo que no racionalizas.
    A mi también me ha gustado mucho. En todo el universo también se repiten los mismos patrones cómo has dibujado en tu pintura. Mira los electrones , su núcleo y sus partículas atómicas…se repiten sin cesar 😀

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  6. Wow,
    Scrolling down your pics I was initially drawn to this one however the hands drawing further down led me to read and comment. Returning to this pic I was surprised to see it was all made up of triangles, quite effective.Looks like you were able to go with your flow even though rules had been set which I find quite amazing.
    Thank you 🙂

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    • Thank you!

      Everyone has their favorite piece of art.

      I appreciate your energy and love put towards the art. 😊

      I remember creating this in high school.

      Yes, there were rules but somehow I managed hahaha.

      No problem!

      Thank you for your energy!


  7. Thank you too Brandon for the opportunity to revisit your portrait which does look realistic bearing in mind your acknowledgement of struggling with realism. I see a lady wearing a ? bun in her hair.
    I suppose art is a metaphor for life, no right and wrong, trial and error and keep on going.
    Thank you for giving me this reflective opportunity 🙂❤️

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    • I’m horrible at realism I can’t draw or paint anything unless it’s unrealistic hahaha.

      I have long hair so it probably looks like a bun. If I had a picture of myself you might see the comparison.

      True, no right and wrong.

      Thanks! You keep on going as well.

      No problem! Nothing but love. ❤


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