More Added to the Sketch.


Every drawing there is something new to learn.

There is a lot more added to this photo compared to the first update on the drawing.

When I was sketching this out.

I got a little carried away and entered the flow state.

Becoming “lost” within the art itself.

losing track of time.

Living fully in the moment through the soul.

I love when this happens.

This happens about 75% of the time when I am creating.

There are times where I look at the paper and nothing is created.

Depends on the energy.

Never force the art.

If you force your creations.

What was intended will not manifest itself into existence.

Create when the soul is hungry.

5 thoughts on “More Added to the Sketch.

  1. I always ;like to guess in my head and then see how wrong I am once you add color. I can see an owls face, a lions face and maybe even a snake face…and it may not even be an animal. Such a cool, gift you have. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. True!

    That usually happens when I’m writing.

    Sometimes you feel the need to put your thoughts into words, and then you have the block. When you succeed in writing without motivation the results is sometimes the best piece you ever wrote.

    I relate very well to your message though, never force it. The best thing to do when you have a block is to relax or focus on other things. It’s at those moments that I sing beautiful songs I never worked at composing. I learnt to put my recover on at those moments. Because what we can’t work through in one art is mostly communicated beautifully in another.

    Your sketch is beautiful, it’s hard to believe you did that with the flow. 👏👏👏

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