Quote #8


After school they seem to trick the people into thinking the “real world” is challenging and difficult

Well yes it is I agree, the world challenges me every day, but I continue my best to challenge the world back.

Usually the main reason the “real world” is difficult is money.

Money is the only worry on people’s minds, will they ever have enough?

When I receive money it’s just like I received nothing, I don’t become happier.

At the end of the day you can work any job and make a decent living.

Maybe not be able to buy the fanciest things but you can use the basics, as long as the purpose is served.

How I look at it, you are either emotionally happy or not. If not there is always time for improvement and your never to late.

Money shouldn’t be your main concern but your last, I don’t mean this in a literal way.

Your emotions come first before anything else.

Be happy, be healthy everyone.

Achieve happiness over wealth.

27 thoughts on “Quote #8

    • To never worry is the best, the future will hold nothing good. Thank you, I’m glad you got a message from my writings. Have a good day, keep spreading love and happiness!


    • Thanks! 🙂

      Happy you got some insight on this.

      I look all around while I’m alive and see all the unhappy and sad people. Then my mind ponders on what’s the purpose of life….. hahaha.

      This was the inspiration for this. If you understand.

      Have a beautiful day! 🙂

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      • Yes, I do believe that life is a journey of emotions, I’ve been through a lot and yes, after reading what you wrote, I want to write my next post about my own “emotional journey.”
        You too have a great day ahead! 🙂

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      • I believe everything that is happening “now” is suppose to be happening. The way you react creates the moment. Into the stronger you. Being who you’re right “now”

        Awesome! Happy to hear that. Good luck on your writing!

        Tag me in it or something. I want to read it when it’s finished.


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    • “I want to see us as old people still in love with each other.” That’s something I wish everyone could here. I rarely know a happy “old person” most are bitter and unhappy.

      Very true love is only destroyed by thyself. We all feel love on different energys. But can never be destroyed on become greater or less than before.

      Thanks for the repost! 🙂


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