Quote #10


At the age of 19 it feels as if I’ve been on earth for years and years but in reality I’ve been here a short amount of time.

19 years of life is nothing, count to 19 on your fingers. How long did it take you?

Usually around this age your life progresses fairly quick. The weird but unknown is happening all so fast.

Never to really sit down and think about this precious thing called life, what will you do with the rest of the years you have here?

Every passing moment is similar to the last as if this world has never changed, but you’re the one changing and time is still.

If time travels in the wrong way well you probably didn’t think hard enough, maybe a few years into life and you have realized you don’t want this path anymore.

My advice is to just drop everything you have and go for what your heart tells you, if you’re doing things you don’t like but within you the voices tell you to stop why continue?

You’re digging yourself deeper into a hole never to reach the top. Fear kicks in. Embarrassment from others, what will everybody think of you? Your mind is over come with thought.

Time is passing and you either do something or nothing.

Let’s say you ignore all the voices within you, you will never know what your capable of.

Do you really want that?

Never give up because failure isn’t real, it’s all in the mind, this life is yours take control or be controlled.

We’re all capable of success, and happiness, just don’t give up on life.

If you listen to the voices of others and agree with everything people say, you will be lost, or maybe it will give you more of an outlook on your decision.

At the end of the day we all have 24 hours and every human is capable of infinite possibilities.

It’s just about the trying part, without change or progress you will continue with the same old life.

When the time is correct you shall know when to take action. The human experience is amazing, we’re all the same human but we’re not.

We are all blank sheets and your job is to create and fill your sheet to your standards.

What you want and not other people. No matter the person, you know what is best for you.

You are the controller of life people don’t know your thoughts.

We all know what path we should go down it’s just the matter of realization and acceptance to one’s self.

I believe in all of you to pick the correct path and to listen to others but don’t believe everything people say. Pick what is best for you.

Good luck to everyone on this journey called life.


14 thoughts on “Quote #10

  1. Great post. I like to read motivational writing because it always seems to contain what it is that I need to hear. You may be young in age, but you’re wiser than many people older than you.

    Thank you.

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  2. Non dobbiamo controllare troppo il tempo. Il tempo scorre come deve, è la nostra anima che deve accettare.
    Proprio questa sera posterò sul mio blog qualcosa che riguarda il viaggio della vita.


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