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Quite simple here, we humans drag our feet throughout this beautiful world, only to never remember why or to take time to acknowledge the beauty in the moments we’re living in.

Be grateful for everything you have because there is much evil throughout this world that you’re not taking part in. Most likely the mind is just over thinking and doesn’t realize what’s actually happening. Try to think about what you’re doing at this moment, instead of other thoughts. Every other thought is just your imagination messing with you. Stop creating these false ideas in your mind, then you shall be set free.

Every gasp of oxygen you take, be grateful for that because maybe one day all the oxygen on the planet will disappear, and you shall never breath again, then you will be grateful for every breath you take. So appreciate this moment instead of later.

When we have gone so far and deep into a hole, just in that moment we realize we messed up. But never from the beginning, all ends ignored. Never to think or acknowledge what you’re doing. Then the day where it ends, without you thinking about it, then you will be grateful and wish for everything back.

I wish for all of you to take time and be grateful for every moment you have in this life, for all we know the world could have been born into a still world with no life but nature. Or possibly nothing, have you ever thought about that?

To be honest when the world was first created it was probably the most beautiful scenery ever. To bad we will never know. Imagine the beauty of the first flower or the first tree growing. Art but in its most natural form.

I believe many people don’t follow the correct path for themselves and their flower grows in the wrong directions, continuing to grow but never to its natural beauty. With change you can always re-grow, and become greater.

Instead we have things to complain about or past memories to talk about which were never there because look where you are now.

Complaining about work or past relationships, and much more, we all know what im saying. We’re not even at work, or involved in the context were talking about, but we continue to think/complain about are thoughts. Putting the image of stress in the mind, when it’s not needed.

Filling are minds with useless thoughts. Mostly negative and rarely positive.

As long as you’re doing your best to become your greatest that’s all that matters.

Ignore the rest of the people and do what you love, Then the correct path shall come your way.

We all live in this world together, so let’s create the best picture we can.

Good luck to you all and good day to everyone, appreciate what you have now and continue living happily, don’t let a single person bring you down but to push you closer to your desires.

39 thoughts on “Quote #11

  1. If we can live in a state of appreciation then our life will be happy and joyful, that’s the key!! Love your artwork, very creative, continue enjoying it!! 🙂

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  2. Such an amazing message! 🙂 it’s sad that even though everybody knows it…only few ever try to do it. Life is beautiful and its even better when we live it the right way. If only we ever pause to enjoy the little things. Again, a great post! All the love and happiness! xxx

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    • Thanks! It’s the fact of realization. I will and thank you for sharing these kind words. Same to you, have a great day, spread love and happiness everywhere you go. One day we will have world peace.

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      • Realization is the key word. When people will learn to support and help each other, to fight for love and not power, to spread love and not hate, this world will be a better place to live in. Have a great day! 🙂

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