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Look around the room you’re in, what do you see that is surrounding you, everywhere you look?

I see colors and shapes. So do you. But does anyone really pay attention to these shapes or colors?

Or do we just walk around ignoring the image of life itself. Life is one big painting. One huge art piece, we walk around in. Try to appreciate life as much as you can.

We live with a bunch of shapes and colors everywhere we look.

It may be that people who make art or relate to art, just pay more attention to this 3D world we live in. Others just see the shapes and colors and ignore, never to pay attention.

When people ask how I draw, I tell them “just how I see” some how I can see deeper into the shapes and I see what no one else does. I don’t know how this happens, it just does.

I just need to sit back and observe and object for a long time, I’m very slow when it comes to my art, I never rush. I was always the last one to finish things in school like tests and my art. One time I spent 2 weeks on a drawing, only a few appreciated it, but it was more for myself. I always paid more attention, but payed so much attention, I usually got lost behind all the other kids.

I don’t say this was a bad way, at times I felt “diffrent” but at the end of the day I didn’t really care I just did what I knew was best for me. There is no need to rush on something, just take your time. The time in this world will last forever, just take a deep breath.

If you rush something to a certain extent you might actually add time into this world. What do I mean add time to this world, you can’t add time? Imagine if you’re rushing and then boom, everything breaks or falls now you have to pick it up.

This maybe be an intense one, but this is what I thought. Imagine there is a bomb about to go off, the diffuser has 20 seconds or the bomb goes off.

In that moment, what does everyone do? Maybe just give up because 20 seconds isn’t enough time, he gets anxious. He starts sweating. He goes up to the bomb he is rushing, rushing so fast. The bomb goes off.

Instead he could have taken a deep breath and calmly defused the bomb. Yes an intense situation, but it’s possible. Anything is.

Yes 20 seconds isn’t a long time, but it takes 10 seconds to defuse. As long as he doesn’t “rush” and mess up. He will succeed and be the hero.

A very weird analogy, but it’s the first thought I had in my head.

Whenever I take a break the skill drops. The more I draw the deeper into the shapes I see. This may sound weird and confusing, but this is my best way of explaining my art to everyone.

Just sit back and stare at an image or object, can you see more of a meaning or purpose behind it. The details of the object, piece by piece. The shapes of life.

All these shapes come together and create this place we call the Universe.

My art creates this world into an Alternate World, another perspective on what I see. A new world.

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    • Thanks, yes my art means a lot to me, it gives me a purpose to be alive. If I’m going to do something I’m doing it 110% not just going to slack my way through this life. It just takes a lot of extra time but whatever. The time in this world is forever I have no rush.

      Happy to hear it makes you more involved!

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