Update, not much added. But a little.


On the last post I mentioned that I might not get much drawing done. On Monday normally I have one of my drawing days.

Except this Monday was Memorial Day, I had family over. I wanted to draw but, i could’nt, hahaha.

I would have been rude, locked up in my room, all alone. Being anti Social.

At the end of the day I got an hour or so of drawing in.

Today I’ve worked on it for a few hours. Im posting my current progress. I’ll post what I get done today on Monday.

With what has been added, can anyone guess what this could be? The next update or 2 you’ll have a clearer answer.


29 thoughts on “Update, not much added. But a little.

  1. Just realized I didn’t even mention what I thought it was when I commented last time. It looks like a lying or sitting dog to me, at least something of that sort 🙂 waiting to see how it turns out

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  2. An interesting style! I had no idea what this might be until I saw other people’s fox, dog, etc comments, and then it leaped out at me. Like those images that seem to be nothing but dots (autostereograms) until you look “through” them and then an object magically forms.

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    • Thank you! Yeah some people guess before looking or don’t look at all. It’s okay that you looked lol, curiosity. Yes I know what you’re talking about. It’s all on the person’s eye too. Some people are just good with pictures.


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