Quote #34


If you were to strip every one of their things and clothes we would all just be naked.

Take all the colors away.

Black, white, brown, orange, purple, red, yellow, green. Whatever color it’s all the same in the end.

There’s only black and white. Colors happen because of vibrations and light. Without the sun, we wouldn’t be here. Photosynthesis is important to the production of life.

Everything just happens.

Do you do the things to show off or are you doing them for yourself?

At the end of the day, you’re within your body and no one else. You only feel you. No one else feels what you do.

Are you happy doing the things you do?

Or in the end is it just trophies of some sort. Is there a reason for doing this, or a purpose that holds this in your heart. An intention to create something to better your life.

The things I choose to do are for myself. I’m not a selfish person.

Just do things for yourself and not others to look good for a few moments.

It’s not about who is the top shot.

Be original and yourself, don’t mock someone else’s actions to become them.

Become what you seek within.

Be the one who walks away from the crowd. Originality is within us all, most fear to show their true selves to the world.

Take all your achievements away.

All living in the same place called “Earth”.

I see no borders when I look down. Borders were just created and agreed upon. I accept all people.

The fact Life exists is very crazy and hard to comprehend

All just a conscious manifestation of thought. Aware or not aware.

Think about it, imagine if there were only trees plants and animals. Maybe the world would never end like how it’s now.

People/humans are the worst inventions created, but not necessarily. Just the most destructive. Destroying mother earth without even thinking or to care at all.

In the end, we,

All look the same.

Same skin.


Legs .


We’re all the same. The ego places you where you think you belong. Lots of times playing games with your mind.

Categorizing yourself into a group of people or persons. When I look at people, each person is my brother or sister.

Same with the animals and the plants, trees. Everyone is my best friend, I ask for love and no hatred.

Someone will probably judge me or mock me for saying that, within their mind. Whatever I could care less. An example of the ego at its best.

I Accept all for who they truly are, no matter the circumstances. Nothing is too weird for me, it’s just abnormal to most who judge off an instant thought. Without even thinking. Continue on being your so-called “weird” self.

That’s the real you, the one who has a smile all the time and is cheerful about life. Many people struggle with sharing emotions, it’s the hardest thing for people to do. Ignore it and the pain will continue to get worse. If you really think about it we’re all addicts of some sort. This world is a supply and demand world. Wanting things in seconds, just like an “addict”. There’s no such thing as an addict, we’re all addicts. Greed, anger, and hatred destroy peoples images, the ego.

Try to take time to work on yourself and don’t ignore all the problems right in front of you. The answer lies within your soul, it’s just many ignore it.

Be “yourself”.

Not the bitter angry you, that’s just a reflection of thoughts not transferred properly. Creating more hatred in the world and not producing more love.

Put this into perspective, it might sound ridiculous, but I’m 110% serious.

Imagine a bucket. We’re all this bucket.

It’s filled with 75% water

Whatever percent the rest. Organs, bones, skin, hair, and everything else.

Now we give this bucket a conscious.

It’s a talking bucket with a conscious.

Let’s give it googly eyes.

Now it’s a bucket with a conscious and can see what’s going on. Give the bucket arms and legs and it’s good to go.

Kinda similar to a Mr. potato head, hahaha. I remember playing with one. Very creative and interesting toy.

The person who came up with that idea probably had countless haters and was told endless negative things.

Everything around you is made up of the same stuff. Everything is made up of “atoms” (moving energy) it’s within us all. A live moving energy.

Expect somehow we were the ones to obtain a conscious of thought.

Not day to day objects like a broom or a blanket.

All things are the same in the end, (energy).

All the things we look at are the same, it’s just some are more improved or “better”

But in the end, it’s all the same.

All of our Graves will be the same size. No matter the life you lived and everything you have accomplished.

Live this life for yourself and not to achieve goals and visions that aren’t even yours in the first place. Just to show off for a few moments. It’s not worth it.

True happiness and love are worth a lot more than quick temporary satisfaction. Only thyself will know what attracts them towards what.

Live this life, how you please, I judge no one. The stuff you possess is all the same stuff in the end.

A car is a car.

A shirt is a shirt.

It’s all the same in the end.

Purchase as you please, Just be a loving and humble person and you’ll be respected. You’ll feel loved.

The possessions don’t define you. Yourself defines you.

To be humble, respecting and loving no matter the possessions you own. That soul is greater than any piece of gold.

I’m not saying people who possess expensive things are bad people. All I ask for is your respect. Respect for respect, it seems pretty fair to me.

Life itself is more priceless than the most “expensive” thing in the world.

Someone or yourself could take your life and there’s no going back. It’s done and official after it happens.

The moment life ends, is the moment it’s over. Appreciate the moments as they’re.

Think before you do something, don’t live life out of ignorant quick thoughts and actions.

Your personality means more than the possessions and self-worth you possess.

It creates you or destroys you.

Have a beautiful day everyone! πŸ™‚

Much love and happiness to this world. I love all souls and beings and only hope for the best.

Goodluck on your journey of life.



35 thoughts on “Quote #34

  1. I’m sure if there were just animals and nature, our planet would last until our sun goes nova. I do believe there is a reason we are here, but I guess you know that from my blog. I love what you said about there being no borders. We have made those, which is too bad.

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    • Very true, till the sun burned out.

      Same as well, each person has a “skill”.

      Similar to how each key fits in a certain lock. A purpose for each person.

      Yeah I understand, hahaha.

      Yeah it’s sad, it’s as If people create problems on purpose out of boredoem. Have fun doing it too, hopefully love overpowers the world. Maybe one day.

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      • How I wish love would overpower the world, but I’m afraid the opposite will happen. Jesus will then return to save those who know him from the destruction of this world by man.

        I hesitated to tell you what I believe about this, but I have to be honest with you. Jesus said if he did not come back to save some, there would be no man left alive on earth.

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      • We all belive something different creating who we’re.

        I’m not going to say what I exactly believe but I believe this.

        “Love will overpower the world, one day, just don’t give up on love. The outcome is always the best”.

        I belive in the manifestation of thoughts. That anything is possible.

        “Love will overpower the world”

        Just don’t give up on love yourself. With self love love to the world will show.

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  2. There’s a purpose for our lives and the purpose is on an individual basis. Every individual needs to develop and evolve during the course of their lifetime. There’s no end point of evolving. But during one’s own evolution it would be an even bigger achievement if they’re able to help others in their evolution too. Everybody needs to work on their soul, it’s worth is so much more than any materialistic or even emotional possession. The challenge is to find that we’re one and are not divided by any race, religion, color or even gender. A person’s soul has nothing to do with their physical features including the gender differentiating ones. The souls are what makes us one and undistinguishable.

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    • I agree with you on that. The individual figures it out and effort is needed.

      Yes we all need to help each other. Everyone has different information to share in all areas of life. Knowledge is wealth. It can get you far in life. Everyone and everything is a teacher.

      Yes soul is just a soul, this is the best way for me to explain it.

      “Gender is an illusion, the personality and soul creates people”.

      Separates one from another.

      Not the body parts you posses. Or the way you look.

      If you have 5 arms and 2 heads. Your the color indigo. Ill still respects you even if you don’t respect me.

      Love is the only thing to heal this world. No matter the gender or sex let anyone feel how they feel. Ignore the rules.

      Rules and labels put people in boxes and categories. Not bring able to express themselves and getting a label without even explaining their story.

      I know nothing till I speak to you.

      Happy you could relate. Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚


    • Only if we did.

      Happy you could relate and feel emotion towards this. πŸ™‚

      Much better place, it’s a world I vision in the future.

      A world of true abundance of peace and love.

      One day, one day when the world looses possession of anger, greed and learns how love is the only way.

      Not temporary violence that lead to more consequences. To only feel good or power for that moment. It’s not worth it in the end, you only take yourself down with others.

      Have a great day! πŸ™‚

      Much love and happiness to you. ❀

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  3. Your post appeared to me just when I was thinking about why we do things – for ourselves or for everyone to see? I think a lot about this with regards to social media too. For a lot of people, it’s a show, starring themselves. Great post!

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    • For me I would say.

      “That’s a sign from the universe telling you that it’s looking over you”

      It’s always at that perfect moment the strangest things happen. Things align.

      You’re kinda waking up in a way you can say hahaha. Or if that’s just a thought that you have consistently throughout your mind.

      Yeah people use social media as trophies systems it’s weird to be honest.

      Exactly, hahaha. You’re understanding.

      Have a beautiful Sunday!

      And rememeber be yourself! πŸ˜€

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  4. Very true πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» and this is so deep and bot everyone easily understands, most of the people understands only that things which they personally satisfied and soon as the matter goes opposite to their thoughts they become aggressive and understandable . I am not judging but I am only telling my observation , not all people do this thing but majority people .

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    • Happy you could relate to the words. πŸ™‚

      It’s easy to understand reading this? That’s good, feels as if few do.

      I agree with you on that, only things they relate to matter. The rest don’t matter. Showing an egocentric person. Everyone deserves love, even if the beliefs are “weird”

      I understand you’re not judging. It’s just the words you feel within. The observations you seek in the world.

      I feel like a ghost/spectator of this world. Writing helps balance all the emotions and words.

      Not all will understand, but this life is for you to understand not for others to understand you.

      Have a beautiful day! πŸ™‚

      Keep on living and don’t forget to smile. πŸ˜‰

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      • Oh yes thanks 😊, now a days I am fighting with my self with my inner soul , and I want to experience many things , yeah that’s so true very true that you say β€œNot all will understand, but this life is for you to understand not for the others to understand you” this makes me happy thanks although this is is saying that β€œ dont expect any things fron others and be happy” suddenly when I was reading you that sentence which I explain above I recall this 😊 thanks for sharing your quotes It makes many of the people happy .May ALLAH bless you πŸ˜‡

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      • That’s great to hear! πŸ™‚

        Most fear the inner self. It’s easier to runways then battle on the challenge.

        With curiosity your experiences will be created.

        Good, good. Follow these words and a bliss like feeling will enter your life. You’ll appreciate all the moments as they pass not regret every moment for passing.

        Yes, I live by this saying.

        Don’t expect to receive something after giving, that’s greed and love should be the instinct. Giving is more important than receiving.

        If I hade all the money in the world, everyone would be happy. Hahaha. I just want love and peace on this world.

        Many individuals are living on a low vibrational reality, creating this word into a more ignorant place to be, love is the only answer.

        No problem, happy you can gain insight from them. It’s more for myself in the end. But we’re all a team in the end.

        On big family of love.

        I’ve had many tell thanks for sharing these, I thank myself as well. Sometimes I don’t know how I write these but I do. Same with the art. It all just kinda happens. You don’t need a reason for things. Explaining things is a waste of time.

        Action prove more then anything else.

        Thank! Appreciate the blessings.

        I send love and happiness to you as well!

        Much love ❀

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  5. And sorry for my mistakes πŸ˜€ in my first comment U have wrote β€œbot” instead of β€œnot” by mistake and before β€œundrstandable” , β€œnot” is missing

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  6. Recently something happened here and my mind said the just know how to compare and judge.. I mean really. This is true.. why don’t they know we all are same. Just Beautifully Imperfect! 😯
    Loved the thought..πŸ‘ been a bit busy these days.. so reading all one week posts now. Lol..
    Well merry Christmas! Have a great holiday time! πŸŽ‰β˜ƒπŸŽπŸŽ„

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  7. I really like this, man. Appearances, materialism and things similar to that don’t mean much when it comes to happiness. You can’t really buy love or happiness. It comes from within. That’s what I think anyways.

    Thanks for liking my posts, Brandon! I’ve also checked out some of your artwork and it’s pretty dope. I really dig your positivity.

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    • Thank man, appreciate the comment and feedback.

      Yes happiness is based of each individuals definition.

      Keep thinking like that, you’re on the correct path.

      I always tell people that have open minds this. “Everything is energy, use yours at your best.”

      Invest your time and energy into things that will benefit you in the future. Not the negative energy draining things you don’t enjoy. Only thyself knows this.

      Yeah, no problem. I always make sure to look through other blogs to share the love as well.

      Thank for checking the art out too! πŸ™‚

      Love the energy and positivity in this post.

      Have a great night man, hahaha!

      Take it easy.

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